How Counselling Can Help

You may be finding it more difficult than usual to cope with the various problems you are experiencing or you may be feeling more anxious than normal, have become overwhelmed, have feelings of low self-confidence and you may be struggling to know how to make things better for yourself. 

All of us form ways to manage situations when we are growing up but sometimes these coping strategies no longer work for us as we become adults and more mature.  What worked earlier in your life may now be holding you back from growing and developing your full potential. So it can be useful to look at these patterns to gain a better understanding of which responses are helpful and which ones may no longer be helpful.

I provide warmth, understanding and empathy and we can work together to explore what you are finding difficult and help you find better ways of managing your life. 

It can often be really hard to bring about change and talking about what is going on for you, both now and potentially earlier in your life, can help you to make better choices for yourself and get you to where you want to be. Being able to share your feelings in a safe and confidential space can be incredibly helpful.