Loss and Grief

Grief counselling is a particular specialisation of mine; grief is what we feel after experiencing any major loss whether it is following the death of someone significant to you, the ending of an important relationship, loss of your job through redundancy, having to move home or country, family break-up when you were younger or any other form of significant loss. 

Grief can also be experienced earlier in life when growing up if your home life and relationships with the adults around you were not secure and reliable.

It may have been traumatic or left you feeling fearful and vulnerable. These experiences can bring up very powerful and often confusing feelings which can be totally overwhelming and difficult to understand on your own. Loss affects everyone in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to feel. It takes time to make sense of what has happened.

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low self-confidence may also be linked to loss and grief but can, of course, originate for totally different and unrelated reasons. 

I will work with you to help you process your painful feelings so that you can become more at peace with your loss.